The 10 Most Popular Articles of the Year: Understanding Hybrid Work Environments and Post-Pandemic Strategies

Leading through change, hybrid work environments and developing strategies for the post-pandemic era have been among the most sought-after topics for readers in recent months. In the first half of the year, readers have been looking for answers to questions such as how to return to physical offices, how to implement hybrid working models, and how to redesign culture and organizational strategy for the post-pandemic era. Other key topics of interest include understanding employee productivity and resilience, overcoming leadership failure, and developing strategies that can cope with uncertainty and change. The following are the 10 most popular articles of the year so far.

We hope they will be inspiring and instructive for you and your teams in the coming months. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a transformation in the way we work by accelerating the shift to hybrid virtual and in-person models and by requiring a fundamental change in the skills team leaders need to succeed. Leaders must now perform four roles as they adapt to managing a hybrid workforce. As organizations plan ways to bring remote employees back to the workplace, they must take advantage of this opportunity to rethink how and where work is best done, and how to combine the best aspects of remote work and working together. Today's leaders need best practices to deal strategically and operationally with a distributed and diverse workforce that spans internal and external boundaries. The authors suggest that the best way to address the shift towards managing all types of workers is through the lens of a workforce ecosystem, a structure that consists of interdependent actors, inside and outside the organization, who work together to achieve individual and collective objectives.

The 10 Most Popular Articles

  • Leading Through Change: This article explores how leaders can successfully navigate change in their organizations.
  • Hybrid Working Models: This article looks at how organizations can create effective hybrid working models that combine remote work with in-person collaboration.
  • Redesigning Culture for Post-Pandemic Era: This article examines how organizations can redesign their culture for success in a post-pandemic world.
  • Understanding Employee Productivity: This article discusses how organizations can measure employee productivity in a hybrid work environment.
  • Overcoming Leadership Failure: This article looks at how leaders can identify and address leadership failure in their organizations.
  • Developing Strategies for Uncertainty: This article examines how organizations can develop strategies that can cope with uncertainty and change.
  • Managing a Hybrid Workforce: This article looks at how leaders can effectively manage a hybrid workforce.
  • Rethinking How Work is Done: This article explores how organizations can rethink how work is done in order to maximize efficiency.
  • Strategically Managing Distributed Teams: This article discusses best practices for managing distributed teams across internal and external boundaries.
  • Workforce Ecosystems: This article examines how organizations can use workforce ecosystems to manage all types of workers.

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