Using Newspaper Articles for Research: A Guide

When it comes to research, newspaper articles can be a great source of information. Whether you're writing an article for a school assignment or creating a presentation, you may want to use a newspaper article as a source. If the article is not available online or if you need to view it as published with original graphics, perform a catalog search of the newspaper title in the library catalog. To find the article you need, look for the title of the article in quotation marks (and the author's name, if the title is common) in the red search box on the home page (in the Articles tab).

If you can't find a particular article, you may be able to search online for people who are talking about it, which may lead you to a copy of the journal article or study. The newspaper article is for everyone and aims to inform readers by giving them correct and up-to-date information. It is an important tool for research and can provide valuable insights into any topic. When using newspaper articles for research, it is important to remember that they are not always reliable sources of information.

It is important to double-check facts and figures from other sources before using them in your research. Additionally, it is important to cite any sources used in your research, including newspaper articles.

Jacob King
Jacob King

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