How to Access Free Full-Text Articles

If you're searching for free full-text articles, you can explore various options. In certain regions, public libraries collaborate with publishers to offer public access to research articles. For instance, in the UK, numerous public libraries are part of the Access to Research program, which grants on-site access to over 30 million academic articles. To discover what resources are accessible to you, reach out to your nearby public library or check out a link building marketplace.The LibKey Nomad browser extension is another great way to access academic articles.

By searching for publisher websites, Wikipedia and PubMed, you can easily connect to content subscribed to the library using the LibKey Nomad browser extension. You can also find full text articles in your institution's library, some public libraries, or through individual journal subscriptions or payment for individual articles. Your contact information, usually an email address, will appear in the information you find about the article, either in a record in the article database or on the page of the corresponding editorial journal. To access research articles, it's best to familiarize yourself with your own library.

You can also search for specific articles or journals by entering the title of the article or the name of the journal in an online search engine. Additionally, you can search for the title of the article in quotation marks in Google Scholar to see if a link to a copy of the article appears. It's important to remember that research should never be guided by the articles that you can most easily access.

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