How Much Does It Cost to Publish an Article?

When it comes to getting an article published, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, it's important to understand that most articles go through a rigorous editorial process, with 94% of them requiring changes to content, tables, figures and references. This means that the article will have gone through at least one level of quality control before it is published. Secondly, there are two ways to pay for an article: either through an article publication fee (APC) or a subscription fee.

Knowing how article writing services set their prices can help you budget for your content generation needs. The amount of effort an editor puts into each article and the number of articles that are rejected after peer review can affect the cost of publishing each accepted article. There is also the concern that open access items are replacing subscription items, and therefore prices should be adjusted accordingly. According to one Brazilian journal portfolio, it costs between 200 and 600 USD per article from submission through peer review and publication to dissemination and archiving. If you're looking for more value in your content, you should look for more reputable article writing services. You can order items individually or pay a monthly fee for items and other services such as promotion, content marketing consulting, automatic publishing and other functions.

Some journals may support more than one APC, for example when a journal supports different types of articles that require different APCs. Additionally, some journals such as Nature generate additional content for readers such as editorials, commentary articles and journalism. Rather than guiding articles into 'buckets' of journals, post-publication metrics such as downloads and citations could be used to filter articles based on their own merits rather than the outdated journal they were published in.

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