Do You Have to Pay to Get an Article Published?

It is possible to list an item without any payment. A number of journals under the publisher Elsevier do not require publication fees. You can check the magazine's website for more information. Studies have found a weak correlation between citation-based impact and article processing charges (APC) for open access journals, implying that higher fees are associated with higher rejection rates, which in turn implies greater selectivity and prestige.

However, please note that this analysis did not take into account shipping rates. After an article is accepted, the corresponding author (you) will be notified that payment is due. Unless an exemption has been granted or your institution or employer covers the cost through a Membership Program, you must arrange for payment. Open access does not require payment unless you want the results of your research to be immediately available in a specific journal, in which case you may have to pay an APC.

This may include the fact that an article is not openly available on the journal's platform, or the publication of an article under a Creative Commons license other than that selected by the author(s). Joseph states that some institutional libraries are joining publisher membership plans where they buy a series of free or discounted items for their researchers. SpringerOpen journals consider individual exemption requests on a case-by-case basis and can be granted in the event of a lack of funding. The more effort an editor invests in each article, and the more articles a journal rejects after peer review, the more costly it will be to publish each accepted article.

Payment for an article can be made in two ways: through an APC to publish the article and make it available to everyone to read it, or a subscription fee to pay to read the article. For example, 94% of articles have content changes during the editorial stage in content, tables, figures and references, often in the fundamental design of research. Some journals, including Nature, also generate additional content for readers, such as editorials, commentary articles, and journalism (including this article). Use it to find open access journals to publish in or search for journals and articles you want to read.

Be aware that “Predatory journals can leverage the APC-based model to receive payments in exchange for minimal peer review and processing, so be sure to look for warning signs and consider checking if your target journal is included in the Open Access Journal Directory. Elsevier offers a range of subscription purchase options to suit a wide variety of people. Eisen, a molecular biologist at the University of California, Berkeley, argues that scientists can derive much better value by publishing in open access journals, making articles free for everyone to read and recovering their costs by charging authors or funders.

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