Can you sell an article to a newspaper?

You can contact the newspapers directly and give them your story. Almost everyone has forms on their websites, but you can also call them, send them an email, or even send them a Whatsapp. The key, as a professional (or aspiring) writer, is to make the most of the pieces you write. A little reprogramming of the basic components, a new perspective, even a modification of your original tone can propel your story from its humble local beginnings to the national and international stage.

However, sometimes items just don't meet standards. In that case, you'll need to rewrite and edit it before you can try to sell it again. But almost all of them are open to independent contributions. If you can write well, follow a summary, and meet tight deadlines, you don't necessarily need a specialized perspective or inside knowledge to write for these markets.

Never underestimate the power of good research skills. It's the best-kept secret of the successful freelance writer, but once you understand what business publishers are looking for, you can make a living with commercial, industrial, technical, and commercial writing. It says 650,000 people have signed up for the service, and about 20 percent of those users have attached some kind of payment system to the service, that is, they have actually had the ability to pay for items through Blendle. Many of these publications don't pay to write, but for those that do, you usually pay a flat fee for a 300-500 word article.

White papers, authoritative and informative reports on industry issues and white papers offer well-paying work for anyone with specialized skills and knowledge in a specific industry, while news and feature articles for which no knowledge is needed Specialists offer the best opportunities for general freelance writer.

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